Welcome to our psychological testing and evaluations website.

On this website you will find all the necessary tools to conduct psychological evaluations of most attitude and human behavior areas currently listed in psychometrical inventories.
Our TESTS allow extremely subtle interpretations of Personality, Interests, Personal and professional values, Sport orientation and Professional skills profiles, including an analysis of entry conditions. These interpretations are based on self-evaluations, but they can also be relevant to hetero-evaluations (LABEL, COMPER), while allowing comparisons to reference profiles (team profiles, job profiles, etc).

This website is managed by the company MFO S.à.r.l., with the agreement and collaboration of Francis Gendre, the spiritual and scientific father of the functional method. Our company's objective is to offer any person, business or state organization reliable psychological measures whose quality is guaranteed by the latest developments in psychometrical techniques. Our services can only be used by psychologists or by specialists in human resources evaluation. This condition guarantees the professional use of our measures, within the framework of the ethical requirements of the profession, including those relative to the protection of information and with a strict respect of anonymity.

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This website is managed by the MFO S.à.r.l society. Our tests are regularly used for career counseling and guidance at the Institute of Psychology, as well as at the University of Lausanne’s career and guidance services, among others.